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The Hauntings Of Historic Lansing Manor In North Blenheim

Lansing Manor 

Lansing Manor is located in North Blenheim, NY, and a demonstration of what is possible when the historic value of a location is realized from an early date.

Lansing Manor was built by John Lansing Jr. in 1819, for his daughter and son in law. Lansing was the New York State representative in the Congressional Congress in 1787, and the Ratification Congress the following year. Lansing owned a vast amount of property in the area, so he built this federal style home so his daughter and son in law could serve as landlords for his tenants.

After they passed away, the house changed hands between a couple other families until it was purchased by the New York Power Authority in 1972, at which time the house was restored, and was furnished with authentic furniture from the early 1800's. The house is currently a museum today. Many old, and much loved, locations are occupied by the spirits of their former owners. There are reports of a ghostly lady wandering the house, phantom noises and even children's laughter from the surrounding grounds. Antiques can also increase this effect, as they also come with their own spirits.


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