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"There are emotional parts and parts where you may find yourself smiling. But don't get me wrong this book is a thriller and a very good one at that. ~ 5/5 roses" - Bajan Rosa Books 


 "This book was a fast paced read and had a good voice. Action is at the ready and it catapults you into the thick of things. Occult, mystery and mayhem make this story a fast paced thriller that will keep you on your toes. ~ 4/5" - On The Broomstick

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Thank you for stopping by! I'm your host, P.W. Creighton, a Supernatural Thriller and Mystery author that bides my time by toying with my characters, dropping them into dark places, complicating their relationships and distorting perceptions. If I'm not complicating the lives of imaginary characters, you can find me getting caught in random adventures or poking about on social media.

I'm the author of the Nightfall supernatural thriller series for Astraea Press. NIGHTFALL and  HYSTERIA are available now with BLISS right on the coat-tails.

I'm also the author of the new Young Adult mystery series, North Shore that just debuted with BAD REPUTATION and SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT.

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