P.W. Creighton

It's The Unanswered Questions That Haunt Us...

Cruel Summer Is Available NOW!

What originally started as a fast continuation of the Sunglasses At Night and Bad Reputation novels became a little more heavy and slow as the subject and content of this story required a lot more care in both delivery and approach even as it is viewed through Logan's eyes.

This was the story that I envisioned and while it took longer than I was hoping for, I feel both the story and the cover turned out better than I could've hoped.

Just as before, as I wrapped up Cruel Summer I immediately started on the next in the series, "View From A Bridge" and actually started on the new series "Whispers In The Dark" at the same time. These two are flowing a lot more smoothly than Cruel Summer and it's weighty subject.

After a scandalous party that made headlines, the North Shore Sheriff's department is being forced to change, beginning with new oversight. 

Logan may have lost many of his friends to the gossip and secrets but he is not alone. A new confession has hit the airwaves and is threatening to ruin what is left of summer vacation. 

Not all secrets are meant to be brought to light…

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