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Paranormal Perceptions ~ Influential Magic

The Paranormal Perceptions series was created to gather some of the most interesting authors that are using paranormal elements in their stories. Every author has their own perceptions and provides their own insight on all things paranormal, ranging from urban legends and paranormal research, to myths and inspirations. This week on the guest series is author of Influential Magic, author Deanna Chase(@writerdeanna).

Hello Monday’s Paranormal Perceptions. Thanks for having me. Today I have a couple of Character

Profiles for you from my newest release, Influential Magic. Character Profiles:

Influential Magic has two leading men. First up is Willow’s childhood friend, Talisen:

Name: Talisen Anders aka “Tal”

Age: 25

Height 6’ 4

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Deep forest green

Build: Tall, broad shouldered, narrow waist, lean corded muscles

Race: Fae

Hometown: Eureka, CA

Siblings: None

Occupation: Healer, researcher

Talisen Anders, aka Tal, was best friends with Beau, Willow’s brother until four years ago when Beau

was murdered in his mother’s lavender fields. Willow and Talisen have somewhat if a complicated

relationship. As kids, Talisen teased her relentlessly as a brother’s best friend is apt to do. But as they

got older, the teasing turned to relentless flirting. Willow, who’s been half in love with Tal her whole life,

never acted on her feelings, as Tal was an equal opportunity flirt, much to her chagrin.

But when Beau dies, the relationship Tal and Wil share turns deeper. They still flirt, but there’s an

unspoken understanding that Tal has taken Beau’s place in Willow’s life. Or so she thinks anyway. And

she won’t let anything mess that up, even her rampant hormones.

Talisen is a member of the fae, an outdoorsman, and gifted in healing. Back in Eureka, he spends most

of his time in the woods hiking, climbing, and collecting unusual stones. He’s an easy going guy with kind

eyes who smiles easily.

The other man in Willow’s life is David—her ex that so coldly dumped her via text message

Name: Davidson Laveaux aka “David”

Age: 30

Height 6’ 1

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Midnight Blue

Build: Tall, broad shoulders, muscular, marbled physique.

Race: former human, newly turned vampire

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Siblings: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown- works for Cryrique, the most powerful vampire corporation in New Orleans

Willow met David a little over a year ago when he was still human. He showed up at her shop, The

Fated Cupcake, and flashed his gorgeous midnight blue eyes at her and five minutes later he had a date.

Their relationship quickly turned into something more, something comfortable that had the ring of

forever to it. Until he dumped her right before she returned home to California for the summer.

As a vampire, David’s tall, dark, and brooding with lots of secrets. There’s a lot under the surface that

no one knows yet, a lot of secrets he’s forbidden to tell. But one thing’s clear, he cares about Willow,

despite the fact he pulled the worst move on the planet with that Dear Jane text.

Now he’s determined to keep Willow safe from a death threat even if means revealing his past, coming

clean about his childhood, and destroying any chance of reconciliation.


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About the Author

Deanna is a native Californian, transplanted to the slower paced lifestyle of southeastern Louisiana.

When she isn't writing, she is often goofing off with her husband in New Orleans, playing with her two shih tzu dogs, making glass beads, or out hocking her wares at various bead shows across the country.

For more information and updates on newest releases visit her website at www.deannachase.com




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