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Intriguing Observations - Spoilt Characterization

The Intriguing Observations series was created to gather some of the greatest supporters and bloggers to provide their own insight on all things creative both in their ventures and their techniques. This week on the guest series is author Joanne Ellis.

Dream Cast

I like to dream big and usually by the time I write ‘The End’ I have actors in mind for the job, sometimes even before the end and on occasion, before I start writing, an actor will spring to mind as I write my plot notes. I can see the title sequence, hear the opening song and then see the story play out in my mind with the players all cast.

Aside from a few bit characters here and there or just finding it difficult to find the right person for the job, I have mostly cast the majority of my books.

So am I the only one with delusions of grandeur and cast my book as a movie?

Probably not, so for fun, I am going to run through some of my cast ideas.

First there is Chelsea and Lucas. I have always had Mila Kunis in mind for Chelsea. Although I wasn’t sure, at first, if she fit the description with complete accuracy, I still believe she is the best choice. Lucas was far easier, Josh Hartnett has been my leading man from the moment I started writing Spoilt. His tall, dark and brooding looks suit Lucas perfectly.

Once that decision was made, I needed to move onto two of the other main characters in Charlotte and Maggie. I have Katherine Heigl for Charlotte. Though once again I’m not sure if she’s quite right, I believe she can pull it off. Maggie, this was an easy one for me, Charlize Theron would be my first and only choice.

The other smaller parts of Chelsea’s parents and Carrie (Lucas’ sister) are harder and I’m still on the search. Though I believe George Clooney could probably fit the part of Chelsea’s father and Debra Messing could be Carrie, the other is proving to be a challenge. There is also Nathan (Carrie’s husband) and I think Matthew McConaughey would do perfectly. Ashton Kutcher could play Hayden (Chelsea’s brother) when he’s older but in Spoilt he is a teenager... he’s all grown up and the leading man in ‘The Rookie’, the fourth book in the Spoilt Series. The leading lady, Mabel (Lucas’ niece) I can see as Taylor Swift.

My biggest challenge has been to cast my villain in Spoilt. This would take some research as I don’t have a ‘clear picture’ of who he could be. Perhaps this is because through the book the character is not ‘seen’ by many of the players and an accurate picture doesn’t form until the end. I find it much easier to cast leading men then I do their nemesis.

Of course if Spoilt is to be a movie, there has to be a sequel (my continued delusions of grandeur). This is where I get stuck. I have yet to find a leading man for my Jared (Nathan’s brother). I do have Kellan Lutz in mind and had actually ‘discovered’ him before I saw Twilight but I’m still not sure.

The characters that form the third book of the Spoilt Series, Womanizer, are Mitch, (Nathan and Jared’s brother) and Isabelle were easier to cast. Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie work for me here. Although I’m sure there could be many others that could play the leading lady... more research would be required and Angelina could fit the bill here.

So am I the only one who has cast their movies?  Perhaps you already have people in mind when you write, to give you the image, as I do. Perhaps other writers don’t know who they would use until the end. I have heard of writers who print out pictures of their cast to keep close by for inspiration.

So I continue my quest to fill the missing parts and find new characters for my other completed projects. 

About the Author

Joanne Ellis is a prolific Australian writer who won the Night Reading 'First Chapter of the Month' in May-June 2010 with 'Spoilt', which went on to become a US Kinde #1 and international best seller. Other novels written by Joanne include: 'Twisted Fire', 'Folk Law', 'Womaniser', 'The Rookie', 'Charlottesville', 'Control' and 'The Mystic Garden'.


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