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Intriguing Observations ~ Putting Others First

The Intriguing Observations series was created to gather some of the greatest supporters and bloggers to provide their own insight on all things creative both in their ventures and their techniques. This week on the guest series is fellow Astraea Press author, and romance author Stephanie Smith. (@lisaorchard1)

Four years ago, I brought my mother to my home to take care of her. To be able to do this one must sacrifice or put their life on hold. (Please understand I am not bringing this up to toot my own horn for being a good daughter. I’m only pointing this out because it relates to what I have observed and presents unanswered questions.)

As a kid, I always let everyone else go first. “You get your spanking first, I don’t mind waiting for mine.” “You go first moving your game piece, I don’t mind.” “You get your paycheck first, I don’t mind, really.” If I’m in the store and see an elderly couple standing in line behind me, I let them go first. Even a mother struggling to keep the children nearby. I let them go before me. Okay you get the point. This brings me to the paranormal world. How you may ask?

I love the mysteries of ghost’s hauntings. Why are they still lurking around? Some people believe the ghost have unfinished business or are trapped in between life and the hereafter. It’s even been said some ghost’s are looking for their loved ones. Some ghost may volunteer or are appointed to be spirit guides for the living. While we will never know exactly what is going on with them, we still observe their existence in our world.

Since I have always been one of those people who let everyone go before me, will I be one of those ghosts waiting in line? I’m not afraid of going first; I just like to put a smile on the faces of those I encounter. Will this cause me to miss the bright light in the hereafter? Does it burn out like a light bulb?

Am I going to be someone’s spirit guide (that thought is scary)?

The vision of this light we all must pass through, I’m seeing something like staring at the sun and when you look away, you still see nothing but extremely brilliant light. Then maybe a higher being is standing at the entrance telling the souls they have to return to earth and finish the job they were put here for.

After my dad passed, I know he stuck around for at least ten years. He was mostly around my middle son. I think he was more than likely my son’s spirit guide. Here’s my take on the matter. My son joined the marines and told me he was taking grandpa with him to Iraq. I had never told my boy’s I thought grandpa was hanging around. Therefore, this was quite a shock to find out he knew. My youngest said he had seen grandpa standing by his bed a few times and then he would disappear. This validated my suspicions daddy was still attached to one of us. Since we had moved twice to different houses, I knew it wasn’t an object, but one or all of us he was watching over.

When my son was out of the US, he would call home occasionally and tell me grandpa was still with him and they were fine. On April 17, 2007 at 12:01 a.m., a very bright light aroused me from my sleep. It was just a flash, but it seemed to be saying everything was all right. I went back to sleep without giving it a second thought.

At 11:00 that morning, I got a call from my son saying he had been hit by a mortar and that he was waiting for a ride back to his unit. Like any mother, I freaked! That is putting it mildly. I asked what time this happened and he told me at 9:01 a.m. his time. For those of you who don’t know that would have put it 12:01 a.m. in my time zone.

I believe the bright flash of light was my dad’s way of letting me know he was doing his job. My son was hit two more times after that incident. Those times were not as serious as the first. A few months ago, I was talking to my son and he said grandpa left as soon as he got back to the states.

Deep down I believe my dad took the brunt of the blows for my son. He saved his life and earned his place in the light. Which brings me back around to the first part of this article… did my dad volunteer to do this? Was he assigned to protect him? Whatever the case may be, I am thankful grandpa was there to watch over him until he came home.

My dad was the kind of person who put others before him. He had a heart of gold and made many sacrifices while he walked the earth. With this in mind, it would make sense that Daddy would also sacrifice his turn to go into the light to save someone from harm.

This is my observation. As you can tell, I haven’t had much time to investigate these areas. However, I would like to hear the observances or experiences from others and their take on these things.  

Stephy Smith grew up in the Northwest Texas Panhandle and still lives within a few miles of her childhood home. She owns her own ranch and takes care of her mother. She shares her home with three dogs and a chinchilla. Other than writing, she loves to read, garden, ride horses, paint and do just about any kind of arts and crafts. Her love for history, museum's, historical markers and sites along roadsides, old houses and walking through cemeteries tempts her creative imagination. Where there's history there's mystery and ghost! She writes young adult, sweet historical romance and contemporary western romance. You can find her novellas at Astraea Press, Barnes and Nobel, Amazon.

Title: Swim the River

Second book of The River Series (Book one Rescued From the River)

Since Amelia ‘Falcon Woman’ Tucker was a small child, she heard the stories of how her mother was Rescued from the River by her father. All she wanted was a man who loved her with all his heart. Rising Wolf held her heart captive for years before he asked for her hand in marriage. The tall handsome man brought happiness to her life until the unforgettable day of the bear attack. Although the river had always called to her, she never knew how much she loved Rising Wolf until she had to Swim the River to save him.

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