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Thanksgiving and Holiday Observations

Through a long protracted year of complications, hardships and distractions we are often lost on the things that we should actually be grateful for in our lives. We push from one project to the next, find ourselves caught up in distractions from what we actually want to accomplish and constantly complain about what we're not doing, not getting done.

In reality, we have a multitude of things to be thankful for and despite the strange holiday push for shopping rather than thanks, we are thankful. Especially if we can focus long enough to recognize it. 

What am I grateful for?


  • My wife and our first year of marriage.
  • Family and Friends that are always there to support.
  • The opportunities and choices that were possible this year.
  • Publication of not one but two, 2! books this year.
  • And most of all, having what we need.


One of the greatest things this year that I am thankful for is something I've never really had before... fans and readers. Those that have taken a chance on something new and given me the oportunity to pursue storytelling...

Thank You!


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