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Paranormal Perceptions ~ The Hands of Tarot

The Paranormal Perceptions series was created to gather some of the most interesting authors that are using paranormal elements in their stories. Every author has their own perceptions and provides their own insight on all things paranormal, ranging from urban legends and paranormal research, to myths and inspirations. This week on the guest series is author of The Hands of Tarot, author SM Blooding.

She killed his father.

She imprisoned and beat him.

And now she thinks he’s her trophy.

Synn El’Asim will do almost anything to
prove her wrong. But he’s only proving her

Queen Nix awakened his Mark of power and
inducted him into the House of Wands. She knew what she was doing. The son of the two most powerful Families standing against her is the ultimate prize.

What she didn’t take into consideration was that maybe he was too strong for her.

But the Families aren’t. They’ve been weakened and it’ll take a lot more than one young man with a powerful Mark to take on the Hands of Tarot.



The story falls into the developing genre of 'New Adult' with characters that are caught in the 'in-between' stage of discovering just who they are. SM Blooding does a good job at balancing the rather interesting steam punk world with the tone of the new adult finding their path and making choices that they stand by. The pacing was a bit slow for a large portion of the book but the visualizations, imagery and evolving characters hold your interest.

A rather interesting read with some very creative imagery...


SM Blooding lives in Colorado with her pet rock, Rockie, their new addition, Mr. Bird, who’s a real bird. She likes to hike the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and is learning to play the piano and guitar. Currently, she’s trying to MURDER them both.

Friends call her Frankie.

She’s dated vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, weapons smugglers and US Government assassins. Yes. She has stories.

She’s also an investigator with a local paranormal investigation group, Colorado Paranormal Rescue

Find out more about her at:

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