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It's The Unanswered Questions That Haunt Us...

The Obstinate Author

In writing just as in any other professional field there is a sense of business etiquette.

While the digital revolution has made it easier for authors to find their work in publication I can't help but wonder if that long battle to publication is what instills a sense of writing maturity. Is it the mountains of rejection letters? The months of revisions? The cold editors that shred your work? Or is it the critique partners that help you understand you're not perfect and help you move forward?

In the drive for publication writers fight a constant uphill battle to see their work in print and ultimately fight for it to succeed. If a writer is ever to succeed they need to have a dogged determination and obstinate nature. When the world is raining down problems and roadblocks at every turn, it's that nature that allows them to persevere. Unfortunately, that determination may also compromise their ability for their works to succeed if they do not know how to separate their nature from their work.

What has spurred this deviation from the writing analysis was actually a post I discovered from

Smart Bitches

. An author that used smashwords to reach publication did not find a kind review from

BigAl's Books and Pals

. While many authors hope for the best when placing the work before a reviewer every writer knows there will be praise and there will be pain. There's no getting around it. Not everyone in the universe has the same taste. The best a writer can hope for is that the praise outweighs the bad reviews. Unfortunately this author could not separate herself from the review. This is an excerpt from her comment on the review:

The book is out there doing well without your comments. My first book is great! and I intend to promote now without your ball. Face it AL, you did a booboo, and you can't correct it!

I know its you AL talking, stop hiding and stand up and be a man!

I want this review removed or its just considered abuse.

Hmm never did get involved in your forum for reasons, now I know why.

Writers are invested in their all of their creations. After spending countless hours translating thoughts into words, virtually living in the world of their dreams it can be jarring to have others criticize that world. If you've had a long battle then you've already experienced the criticisms. Essentially you've hardened yourself against such things.

Once a writer has assumed their platform they have to accept that all of their actions will be visible to both the publishing community and to their readers. A few callous words can easily render a hard-built platform to rubble.

The digital revolution may be re-shaping the publishing world but it is also letting the world make the decisions about the quality of both of writing and of authors. 

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