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Writing the Instigation

Instigation, inception, opening, the beginning.

The beginning of any project is also the crux of the project. The first words, first sentence, paragraph, even chapter become the measure by which a project is evaluated. While it is important to consider the inception of a story from the carefully chosen words used to open it, it is even more important to consider it from the internal perspective.

When a story opens it is with characters and most importantly a singular moment that is responsible for instigating the story. Concepts may breathe life into a story, give it a theme and purpose but when examining the story from within it is important to identify the true instigation for the story.

The characters in a story have lives that begin at birth and end with their deaths. It is the writer's decision to choose the moment a that is the opening of a story. Where does an ordinary character's life diverge to the point where their life merits a story? Is it important to show how normal their life is through fifty or sixty pages of normalcy before the event? Or is it more important to start with the moment that instigates the story and move forward? 

First words are chosen and continuously refined but what about the moment? What about the instigation of the story? The moment can be defined as the 'hook' for your audience but what makes it worthy of note in your character's lives?

Opening with your main character in the middle of a crime scene is more poignant than having them in a diner drinking coffee.  

When you present a story it's no different than placing your character on a precipice. Your audience will want to know where they go from there and then ask how they got up there in the first place.

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