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Passing Strange: The Well Is Now Available


Taking a break after the heavy themes Cruel Summer, I drew inspiration from the archaeological dig that I conducted for two summers. Less than a foot underground in a small yard right in a downtown was a well, filled with intact artifacts, some that were unbelievable. The well only appeared on one property record in the early 1800s. No one ever knew it existed. This led me to wonder what else could be hidden under a small town and what dark secrets could be hiding...

Passing Strange - The Well

Passing Strange: The Well
By P.W. Creighton

For Fourteen-year-old Aidan Reynolds, the archaeological dig at the Parrish Cove historical society is the only thing making the summer interesting.

That is until he meets Maddie, an unusual girl who has just moved to town and is convinced that there is more to the local legends surrounding the historical society than even he knows. While Aidan may not believe her, the strange artifacts that are recovered from the dig force them into exploring the dark, twisted history of Parrish Cove and its strange doctor...a man who vanished over a century ago.

Together, they uncover a town secret that has been forgotten for centuries, and discover that there are some things that should stay buried.



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